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Was sind die NASA-Leute doch für überaus ernste Gesellen. Einen akuten Anfall von Ernsthaftigkeit hatten die Leute im Kontrollzentrum wohl beim Erstellen dieser kleinen Bedienungsanleitung:

Congratulations on your purchase of a new NODE! This User's Guide will help you through your
basic installation and setup. Some assembly is required, and tools are not included (standard
SSRMS, CBM, hex wrench, etc).
    • One (1) NODE (color may vary from picture on front of box)
    • One (1) Cupola ©
    • Assorted cables and jumpers (refurbished)
    1. Remove NODE from packaging. Do not discard Shuttle! Original Shuttle must be used
        in the event of a return or exchange.
    2. Using your CBCS (not included), align your NODE with a CBM of your choice. Choice is
        limited to N1P or N1N. N1N not available in some areas.
    3. When you have at least two Ready-to-Latch (RTL) indications, attempt to maneuver your
        NODE to get the other two. Notice that when you get the other two, the first two will go
        away. Amazing! This is a feature of your new NODE, designed to make sure you really
        want to install it.
    4. After you have all four RTLs, go Limp with relief.
    5. Have a friend go outside to install jumpers and remove MLI. Refer to diagrams 3 through
        14,473 (sold separately).
    6. Wait for 20 hours.
    7. Now let go.
    8. Installation is complete! Open the CBM hatch and ingress. Make sure to install a fan to
        increase cooling. If temperature continues to increase, try to lower your body heat, or
        breathe less.
Your Cupola © was provided by Room With A View Industries, and is one of a kind! Installing it
can significantly improve your NODE experience.
    1. Without actually touching the window part of the module made entirely out of windows,
        grab the window.
    2. Coax or trick the CBM into letting go of it (some CBMs get lonely). If necessary, say
        you’ll give it a PMA to replace the Cupola © when you’re done.
    3. Place it on the Nadir CBM. Follow steps 3 through 7 from the NODE installation
        procedure above.
    4. Then, simply ?TRRJ >2” by SSRMS LEE CLA w/Z=20.0 or OBSS ITVC B4 ETCS
        ? <30° else CAT-1 C&W pot., and install PMA @ N3P CBM. Easy!
    • For troubleshooting, call the following numbers:
             o For problems involving temperature control, call 1-800-SG1-HELP, extension
             o For problems involving rack relocations, call 1-800-SG1-HELP, extension OSO1
    • Do not throw rocks while in the Cupola ©.
    • In fact, just don’t throw rocks anywhere in the Station. Or the shuttle, for that matter.
        Why do you have rocks up there, anyway?
    • When not in use, keep your Cupola © windows shut. This will keep you from being
        distracted while moving your Regen ECLSS equipment (also sold separately).



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